Mar 12

BAMroll Update: March 12, 2009

by SR Team

This week’s additions to our BAMroll have something in common beyond the interest in connecting people, ideas, and profit—these are what bring all BAMrollers together.

What do these two noobie-to-the-BAMroll blogs have in common? If you’re the first one to notice (and comment) you get a BAMroll sticker in the mail! We’ll send you two stickers if you answer in less than 3 letters…

  • Janet Meiners Thaeler writes as NewspaperGirl, and happily helps you engage with the happenings in online marketing and social media.
  • Cost Per News feature news and commentary on affiliate marketing and its relationship to information and internet technology.

Don’t forget to download the OPML file to get all the news that’s fit to be on our BAMroll. The link is on the BAMroll page. And if you’re on the BAMroll, get some badges!

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Evan March 30, 2009 at 11:11 am

Thanks for the update!

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