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Laith Zreikat

Laith Zreikat is a search engine marketing (SEM) strategist and an online marketing professional with over a decade of experience in pay-per-click advertising, natural search engine optimisation, social media optimisation, RSS, and web analytics. Originally from Jordan, Laith relocated to Montreal, Canada in 2001 to complete a degree in Management Information Systems. Since then, he has worked with a number of companies across a wide variety of industries, including e-commerce, retail, financial services, automotive, recruitment, gaming, travel, and biotech.

Landing Page Tips for Canadian Retailers

February 22, 2013

Effective, user-friendly landing pages are an essential component of any online strategy. You could argue, in fact, that landing pages are among the most important pieces of a marketing campaign, providing a huge impact on lead generation, conversion, and analytics. Landing pages, after all, can ultimately make or break your marketing, working in tandem with [...]

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SEO Tips for Canadian Online Retailers

January 30, 2013

With every passing year, Canadian consumers are becoming more and more confident shopping online, and the result is that the country’s Internet retailing sector is now a multi-billion dollar industry. For Canadian merchants, it is now essential to leverage effective link building strategies and search engine optimization (SEO) fundamentals. More importantly, though, they have to [...]

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Link Building Strategies that Work

December 13, 2012

For some, “link building strategy” may conjure images of forgotten search engine optimization (SEO) tactics; weapons that once boosted rank, but now only irk Google. I’m referring, of course, to tactics like reciprocal link building (one-for-one link exchanges), paid link, article syndication, and link wheels. While these strategies are no longer recommended, link building is [...]

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How to Adapt to Google’s Panda & Penguin Updates

July 24, 2012

Do you like going to the zoo?  Apparently Google does, what with some of their algorithms being named “Panda” and “Penguin” – what’s next, an ostrich?  Actually, Google Ostrich is in the pipeline, and with all these new algorithm updates afoot, it’s high time we talk about what these changes mean for you, the affiliate. [...]

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How to Make Your Travel Campaigns More SEO-Friendly – Part 2

May 17, 2012

Some affiliates and merchants are lacking distinct marketing strategies for the travel sector when it comes to using search engine optimization (SEO). You may be wondering why your online travel campaigns are not generating the type of traction you would expect. Well, firstly, SEO is a highly calculated process and it could take months before [...]

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How to Make Your Travel Campaigns More SEO-Friendly – Part 1

May 14, 2012

Travel is one of the more lucrative and exciting verticals in affiliate marketing that can be promoted. And with reason: What human being doesn’t like an escape their hectic life for several days or weeks of rest and relaxation? Because of the need for getaways, affiliates and merchants alike recognize that online travel is a [...]

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