Trick-Or-Treat! – Protect yourself from pranksters! We’re back at it again on Devil’s Day to discuss pranksters. For those of you who didn’t know, Devil’s Day is what the day before Halloween is called, and the day for ghoulish Halloween pranks! So Affiliates and Merchants alike need to be on the lookout! Affiliates Beware of [...]

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  Whether you are an affiliate or merchant, the online advertising world can sometimes seem like a bunch of hocus pocus. So this Halloween, take some time off of binge re-watching The Walking Dead or getting dolled up for The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and haunt the affiliate marketing underworld. You wouldn’t want your advertising efforts [...]

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Affiliates: Here’s Probably Why Your Application Was Declined

October 23, 2014

It can be incredibly frustrating as an affiliate to pour hours into developing a website, discover a niche that’s of interest, and subscribe to a merchant’s program only to have your application flatly declined. In case you received a blanket email outlining said rejection and wanted to know more, here are some of the top [...]

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Common Reasons your Website is Slow and what to do About it

October 17, 2014

Nobody likes a slow website, and we all know that the majority of visitors will abandon a site rather than patiently wait for it to load. As you can imagine this can seriously harm your site’s rank! Page load speed has become an important element in determining a website’s page rank. It directly affects your [...]

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Hockey is Back! That’s what Canada is thankful for this Thanksgiving

October 7, 2014

Fall is already here and nothing can be more exciting than our first holiday of the season: Thanksgiving! Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving on the 2nd Monday of October, unlike our American neighbors who celebrate in late November with a healthy serving of Football. Canadian Thanksgiving not only brings us turkey & stuffing, it also marks the [...]

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Importance of Transparency in Affiliate Marketing Software

October 2, 2014

Transparency is a key component in creating an atmosphere of trust and dependability before any transaction process. This is especially true with affiliate marketing. When it comes to transparency, we’re considering the concepts of clarity, accountability, openness and availability of information from the merchant to their partners. The value of transparency goes beyond just good [...]

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